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My Account

Owners can update much of their personal information on file with Chown Property Management.  Click on the My Account heading on the far right of the Menu Bar.  Several options are available.  Most are quite self-explanatory. 

If you have any questions, please call Chown Management at 905-685-9868

My Activity Feed

This box located on the far right of the Home Page is similar to the Announcements section in our previous website.  The main difference is that the Activity Feed also includes any new or updated documents in the Document Library, as well as status updates on any Guest Suite Bookings you have requested This box will display the most recent 15 items.

Quick Links

The far left side of the Home Page features a section called Quick Links.  Here we have identified the most popular documents that our residents search for on our website  Clicking on one of these links will take you directly to the document.


Click on the Documents Menu and then Document Library.

Once you open the Document Library, you will notice a "Show Folder" pull-down tab on the far right side of the Document Library folder. Click on Show All and using the pull-down menu, scroll down the list and click on the desired Document Folder. 

Documents have been arranged in several folders.  Resident Info includes documents that relate to topics about Living at King's Point. 

Governance relates to the documents that help to define the operation of the Condo Corporation.  This includes the Declaration, By-Laws, Rules, Policies, Insurance Certificate; as well as any documents required to be distributed, from time to time, to comply with Condo Act regulations.

Board MeetingsAGM & Special MeetingsFinancials Forms, Newsletters and Photos are self-explanatory.   Special Projects may be empty, from time to time, but this has been provided to be a single source of information whenever the Condo Corporation deals with significant Special Projects.   For example, the extensive Interior Refurbishment project that was completed a few years ago.   Historical Info and Photo are for general interest.

There are several columns for each document listed.   Refer to the NAME heading on the far left of the screen.  All the documents in this folder are listed in red.  Click on the specific document to view the details.

You can organize the list of documents to make it easier to find what you want. Click beside the Column Heading (e.g. Name,) all the documents will be listed alphabetically and/or chronologically within that column.   This applies to all the columns.


  1. Click once beside the Name column heading and it will sort descending, the oldest or "Z" first.   
  2. Click the Name Column a second time to sort in ascending order, (most recent or "A" first.) 
  3. This is a toggle feature so each click will switch between the ascending order and descending order option.   
  4. You can follow the same process for the other Column Headings.


Click the Communications heading and then Community News.  This will bring up a list of all announcements that have been posted, with the most recent at the top.  

When an announcement is posted and an email notification sent out, the email will now contain the full content of the message instead of just a link to the website, as was the case in our prior Condo Website. 

Guest Suites

It's simple to book a Guest Suite on the website.

  1. Click on Guest Suite and then select either 215 Ricardo or 225 Ricardo.  A calendar is displayed.  White calendar dates indicate availability. 
  2. Click on the date of your first night.  You may have to advance the calendar to the next month or more.
  3. Guest Suite Booking Rules are isplayed.  Review the rules and then press "CONTINUE"
  4. Select your Departure Date (End Time), press "SAVE" to request your Booking

After sending your booking request, please email Chown Management if you want a second room or more than 3 nights (if available 2 weeks prior to your arrival date).  It is no longer possible to make this request in the booking process.

You will receive an email stating that your request has been received, showing the Suite and Dates.  The calendar will now show those dates in red, but this is a "Booking Request" until approved by Management, usually the next business day.  Please watch for an email advising you if your "Booking Request" has been confirmed or declined.  If declined, Management will send you an email indicating the reason and how to best meet your specific needs.

Calendar dates shown in red are either "Booked" or are a "Booking Request".  If you wanted dates that are already shown in "red", we suggest that you check back at the end of the next business day, just in case the suite becomes available again because a request did not meet our Guest Suite Booking Rules.  When Booking Requests are declined, those dates become white and "available" again.

You will receive a confirmation email which will provide details about  Check In / Out times, key availability, and re-iterate the rules.  It will also include payment instructions.

You can now pay with Interac e- Transfer directly from your own online bank account, or by cheque, as before.

Looking for something that was on our OLD website?

A few items have not been moved over to the new system and some other things are still available but are found in different places.  Here are the significant changes, but if there is still something that you are looking for, please contact Catharine Cornell and she can help answer your questions.

  • Local Trade information is now available as a PDF document.  An added feature includes links to the respective websites.  Go to the Document Library and look in the Resident Info folder for the Local Trades document.
  • Photo Album is now available in PDF documents.  Go to Document Library and select the folder called Photo.  Then select the Social Event you want to see
  • Classified was only rarely used and therefore is not being included in our new website
  • Resident Directory is not included on the new website.
  • The Town and Museum newsletters will no longer be posted on our Condo website.  If you wish, you can sign up with those organization to receive their newsletters by email on a regular basis.
  • An events calendar is no longer provided on the website.